Tuesday, June 24, 2014

LaFuria/Smith wedding at The Carolina Inn on June 21st, 2014

Megan and Alex chose the beautiful Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill, NC on June 21st for their ceremony, cocktail hour and reception with Melissa Sayre from the Inn, planner extraordinaire Erin McLean and photographer Cyn Kain.

After a wonderful ceremony by minister Ed Sansbury and music by Arioso Strings, the 180 guests made their way to the hall of the old well room for food and drink.
The doors to the ballroom opened and I had a mix of soft rock and classic soul playing as guests found their tables.

I introduced only Megan and Alex to ECU’s theme (I wore my pirate cufflinks for Alex) “Purple Haze” and people started clapping along until the doors opened and there was a thunderous roar when they came into the room.  They went directly into their first dance of “Swept Away (Sentimental version)” by The Avett Brothers.  Megan’s father then welcomed everyone for coming and her Grandpa Charles said the blessing.  The 3 course meal of appetizers, salad and entrée’s came out and I continued a soft rock and R&B mix for dinner.

After dinner we had the Ashley’s cake cutting to “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)” and toasts by the Maid Of Honor, Best man and Alex’s father.  Megan then joined her father on the floor to dance to “What A Wonderful World” and Alex escorted his mother to the floor to dance to Van Morrison’s “Have I Told You Lately”. 

I opened the floor with “My Girl” and it filled with young and old. The floor stayed filled with family, friends, fraternity brothers and sorority sisters the entire 2 hours.  We stopped briefly for the bouquet toss to “Single Ladies” and garter toss to “Let’s Get It On”.  A few of Megan’s sorority sisters sang a song to her backed up by the groomsmen, then back to dancing.  The night ended with Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight” and AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long”.  They made their exit through thrown rose petals from the front of the Inn.

What a fun night and I am so happy for them!  Thank you for having me as your DJ Megan & Alex !

Christian & Marina’s Post-wedding party at MacGregor Downs on June 20th, 2014..and Abbey

Christian’s parents, Janice and Chris, hired me to provide music for this post-wedding party for 50 guests at MacGregor Downs in Cary NC.  Christian, Marina and her daughter Abbey (who may be the cutest little girl ever) were married a month earlier at the beautiful Homestead in Virginia.  As guests arrived to the party I had a mix of soft rock and classic soul playing.

The social hour ended and guests took their seats for their salads and entrée’s as I continued a mix of soft rock and classic soul that included “Let It Go” for Abbey that totally surprised her.  The toast by Christian’s brother Justin and a thank you from Christian followed dinner.  The dessert came out and I started getting guests ready to dance the night away.

I opened the floor with Motown and filled with around 30 of the guests.  After a few oldies and a couple current songs, I mixed into Abbey’s request for “What Does The Fox Say” that brought a huge grin to her face and she ran over just to say thank you to me.  So sweet!  Then, right into the “tarantella” for the Italian guests that I had to play twice for the group dance to end.

We then had a version of “The shoe game” with the newlyweds against the “oldyweds” that had the newlyweds win by 1 point!  So close.  The winners won funny baseball caps that they wore the remainder of the night.

I opened the floor again with some 70’s disco that had Christian’s very reserved, quiet (not) Grandmother joining a long train to “Celebration” that went through the room and out into the hall before coming back in.  The dance floor was great all night.

I had so much fun with this group and was thrilled with my gift from Janice and Chris, a coffee mug that said “Italian by injection” that couldn’t be more appropriate for me.  I drank coffee out of it the next morning.  Thank you so much Janice and Chris for having me and congratulations Christian & Marina ..and of course sweet Abbey!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Jackson/Thamm reception at Adaumont Farm on June 15th, 2014

Katie and Gavin chose the beautiful 400 acre farm of racer Kyle Petty, Adaumont Farm, for their ceremony, cocktail hour and reception on a perfect 85 degree day.  I was able to catch a pic of Katie and her father riding to the ceremony in the back of an old blue pick up truck.  It was so perfect!  After the ceremony, the 140 guests made their way to the barn for the cocktails on the porch with live bluegrass music by The Local Boys that did a great job.  The barn opened and guests made their way to their tables with floral arrangements by Scott Jackson.

I introduced the wedding party to U2’s “Beautiful Day” and Gavin and his new wife and veterinary Dr, Katie made their way to the dance floor for their first dance which was a shortened version of Alison Krauss’s “When You Say Nothing At All”.  They took their seats with the wedding party and Katie’s father welcomed everyone and Reverend Woody Massey blessed the meal.  I started a dinner playlist of soft rock and released tables to the buffet by table numbers.

As dinner wound down, the Kyle Petty museum opened right off the barn as the staff poured the champagne. We had toasts by the Maid Of Honor, a bridesmaid, Katie’s Father & Gavin’s stepfather and then the Maxie B’s cake cutting to “How Sweet It Is” by James Taylor.  Katie met her father on the floor to dance to “Wildflowers” by Tom Petty and Gavin danced with his mother to “High On A Hill” by Massed Bands of HM Royal Marines that she was actually at the recording of in 1998. 

I opened the floor with some Motown, oldies, line dances, country & current dance music that brought guest to the floor for the next hour and 1/2.  The night ended with “Forever & Ever, Amen” and a sparkler exit through the huge barn doors.

Katie is one of the sweetest Bride’s I have worked with and I couldn’t be happier for her and Gavin!  I can’t wait to see pics from photographer Stephen Thrift and videographer Emily Thomas from Honeydew Films.

Kosinski/Smith wedding at The Umstead on June 14th, 2014

Kathryn and Gabe chose the 5 star Umtead Hotel & Spa for their cocktail hour and reception on June 14th with planner Kelley Ann from the Hotel.  I was thrilled to be working with her and photographers Brian Mullins and Jenn Aan as well and videographers Phil & Jess from  Twenty-One Films again and seeing guests that had been at a wedding I did on 11/11/11!

Guests arrived at the cocktail hour in the pre-function area of the ballroom and I had a mix of Rat Pack and some standards playing as guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.  The doors to the ballroom opened and guests found their tables with floral arrangements by Watered Garden.  For the introductions, Gabe wanted a throw back to the 80’s Chicago Bulls.  I introduced the wedding party to “Sirius” by Alan Parsons and changed my voice to the raspy announcer from the 80’s.  So funny!  Kathryn and Gabe arrived to the dance floor and had their first dance to a shortened edit I did of “Ache” by James Carrington.  Kathryn’s father thanked everyone for coming and escorted her to the floor for their dance to Nancy Sinatra’s “It’s For My Dad” and they did a great job acting out a few parts of the song.  Gabe then escorted his mother to the floor to a choreographed dance to “Happy” that had everyone cheering them along!  The 3 course dinner came out and I continued a rat pack playlist.

After dinner and 5 toasts which included Kathryn’s fathers that he wrote when she was born in 1987, it was time for the Sugarland cake cutting to “I See The Light” from the movie Tangled and then an anniversary dance to “You’ll Always Be The One I Love” by Frank Sinatra that had the winners at 45 years married! I opened the floor to some Motown and current dance music that had young and old dancing together.

The late night snacks of chicken biscuits came out after an hour or so and I continued to have the floor packed to some hip-hop for Gabe and current dance music for Kathryn and her bridesmaids.  It was great to see Gabe’s Grandmother dancing with everyone to Journey and “Low”. LOL.

The night ended with their last dance to “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes and a glow stick exit from the front of the Hotel.  What a fun night and a great group to play for!  Thank you Gabe and Kathryn and congratulations!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Trainor/Mosher reception at The Angus Barn Pavilion on June 8th, 2014

Natalie and Marcus chose one of my favorite venues for a wedding to get married, the Angus Barn Pavilion in Raleigh with planner Ashley from the pavilion who always does a fabulous job.  Although it was a little misty outside, it did not damper the spirits of the 120 guests attending.  The open-air pavilion was beautiful with floral arrangements by Watered Garden and the “big ass fan” (Yes, it says that on the fan) going in the middle of the roof.  Guests enjoyed cocktails and hors d’oeuvres while I had a mix of country and soft rock playing.  The wedding party finally arrived, the weather cleared up and then it was time to introduce them to “Tattoos On This Town” by Jason Aldean.  Natalie and Marcus made their way to the dance floor and had their first dance to “Everything” by Michael Buble.  They took their seats, and Natalie’s father said a heart felt thank you to everyone for coming and Pastor Andy blessed the food.

The salads and individually served dinners of ribs, steak and veggie’s came o  It was delicious!  After dessert, a few of the groomsmen and their girls started ballroom dancing and they were fantastic, and military as is the newly crowned Air Force Captain Marcus. We then had a couple toasts and the Simply Cake cutting to “How Sweet It Is”.  Natalie joined her father on the floor to dance to “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes and you could tell this song was very important to them when she was younger and guests sang along to the chorus as they danced.   Marcus then escorted his mother to the floor to dance to “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts.
ut while I continued a mix of country and soft rock.

I opened the floor with some Motown and current dance music that kept young and old on the floor.  We paused shortly for a bouquet toss to “Single Ladies” and garter toss to “Pants” by Jason Aldean.  Since there were so many soldiers there and Natalie was sitting in a chair after the garter removal, I instantly went into “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” that was right out of Top Gun.  The groomsmen and soldiers all serenaded her on one knee.  I’m sure photographer James Walters got some great pics of this and Natalie’s father, Len’s, deadhead friends dancing to “Sugar Magnolia”!

Some country sing along songs ended the night and it was time for their sparkler exit.  What a fun night and I was thrilled to play for them and all the soldiers who have served us!